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I was part of a group of photographers who documented life in New Hampshire from 2018 to the day after the 2020 Election, called "New Hampshire Now".

This volunteer project gave me the opportunity to travel around the state and met the people and photograph their lives. One of the key goals in my approach was to simply record daily life here, the humanity of our times.

This work took me into the state prisons during family visitations, meeting the homeless population, covering some of the Presidential campaigns, photographing our frontline workers and be given access to the National Guard testing sites across the state. I met those who were hit hard by the COVID pandemic, and photograph the racial injustice protests that arose in the 2020 summer.

But during the pandemic, I also saw kindness from fellow neighbors and local businesses offer help to those in need.

A book of this project and gallery shows across the state are slated for October 2021. Here is a link the project and book info:

The following images are just some that I submitted to the project, presented in chronological order after the lead photo.